Demographics of Social Networks: Who’s Who?

Yeah, so we know social media is important and that fact that it’s getting older gives us no excuse for understanding and integrating it into our business structures. We’ve come a far way in this information age and we’ll only be moving forward with apps being developed constantly as well as technology breakthroughs -such as Google’s Glass.

Social media websites are just like cities, towns or Countries  if you’re Facebook. Most of these websites attract a certain type of person with common interests, opinions or activities. These demographics are important to marketers and anyone working in social media as they allow us to peer into the culture and behaviour of the website’s users. Once we know who we’re talking to it becomes much easier to connect to the users and start genuine dialog.

The infographic below breaks down the demographic profile of some of the webs largest social networks. The criteria is broken down into:

  • Gender
  • Education Level
  • Income Level
  • Age
Infographic by Flowtown

Social Media Demographics: Who’s Using Which Sites? is brought to you by, Flowtown.

Author: Anthony Baisi


4 thoughts on “Demographics of Social Networks: Who’s Who?

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the interesting infographic. I really enjoyed studying it.
    Just a quick thought: why don’t use a plugin to open the pictures in a lightbox gallery or something, instead of new tab! It would be more user-friendly! : )

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