What’s Missing in your Social Media Strategy?

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone underwater as a kid? First, it doesn’t really work and second, the life guards don’t really appreciate it. Listening to the market is one of the most important things that social media allows us to do. It allows you, the business owner, or marketer to follow trending conversations, curb dissatisfaction with proper customer service and to win over those second guessers. Before we had social media, marketing was considered a monologue like talking in an empty room, or underwater for that matter. Social media brought the guests to the party and now it’s up to you to mingle, to create connections that are relevant and that could potentially benefit your business.

Before we get into the benefits of social media and the importance of branding I wanted to introduce the trend of online ventures, entrepreneurs, and business that we’ve seen in the last couple of years. In lieu of this continual climb of online businesses there will be an increased demand for social media and online marketers in general. With that being said I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to see a lot of social media marketing blunders and champions in the next few years as well. I’m sure that we all agree when I say that we would like to see more champions out there as that means us, as marketers are doing a great job!

When I’m working with clients to build a strategy for their online campaign and social media accounts I stress diversification. For example: Say my client is a photographer and when targeting people on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc. I suggest they target: stylists, salons, acting/modeling agencies, fashion boutiques, etc. This is instead of just targeting photographers, photo shops, photographer communities or anything in the photography industry. I believe that by starting with a diversified manner in mind there is more opportunity for the business to grow in multiple directions.

Diversifying your market helps to build segment pools for your target market which would eventually lead into a primary segment, a secondary, and so on. Building pools early in the launch allows the business to see which demographic they are getting the most reactions from. The segmented pools also suggest which segments deserve more attention and allocated resources. The only thing to be careful with when you diversify your market is the content you share, will it offend some people or will it be shared with positivity?

I also believe that branding is a very important element in running social media personas. What I mean from that is the “gut feeling” you get from viewing a brand’s profile page. Anyone should be capable of building an image of what the company is all about through the content that they share. Make sure the content you share is relevant, consistent and witty in some manner to encourage people to engage, share or like it. Although, those kittens or miniature pigs are cute you have to ask yourself if this is consistent with your company’s branding, but that’s what personal pages are for, right?

Author: Anthony Baisi


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