Behind the Scenes: Artspoints Introduces New Rewards Program for the Arts in Canada

I’m not one that’s particularly creative but I’ve always dabbled in the arts, specifically music and illustration. For three years I worked on Granville Island and if you don’t know the area it’s a hub for visual and performing arts. Emily Carr University and The Arts Club Theatre are both located on the island as well as many other studios, venues and theatres, which host all kinds of shows. It was only a matter of time before I started talking to the regulars, artists, supporters and students about the well being of our nation’s performing arts.

I was surprised at first, but tartspointshe more I thought about it the more I agreed that Canada’s art scene is kind of struggling. The challenges boil down to many variables such as price, availability, interest, revenue distribution, and the many other activities that compete for our time. I remember in University we would have discussions about the industry couldn’t lower their prices in order to encourage more young adults to go to the opera, plays or ballet. Artspoints is taking a different approach to the problem, but they have developed a way to help drive more people to attend arts events, and in turn, to increase their revenue.

Last winter was my first time ever going to the ballet and it was amazing! The only thing I was a bit hesitant about was the  fact that tickets were $80.00 a piece. With Artspoints not only will the ticket buyers earn points that can be redeemed for tickets, but just like the Cineplex Scene card it will attract and build more loyal customers.

Artspoints works by rewarding their Members when they buy tickets, or shop at, participating merchants with points they can then be redeemed for tickets to the arts. These points can be redeemed at any of the partner venues from coast to coast to coast, and Artspoints buys those tickets from the arts organizations so they aren’t losing revenue. Artspoints’ mandate is to draw larger crowds to the opera, symphony, theatre, film, visual and the  literary arts with the power of a loyalty program.

Just think of all the arts organizations across the country that can benefit from more ticket sales and more revenue. This will mean more shows and sold out venues.

I think that Artspoints is exactly what this nation needs in order to increase the awareness and support of the arts.
Canada is home to many diverse and talented performers ready to show you what they can do. Will you be there?

Author: Anthony Baisi


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