The Kings of Online Marketing

Marketers have to learn that content, design, or big data aren’t and will never be king. The king is the reader, the viewer, the person that follows your company’s tweets, blogs, news or PR. The king is the people that find genuine interest in your content and share your stories within their social circles. Don’t get me wrong, good content and inbound marketing attracts more people with relevant and genuine subjects. However, these elements of marketing are merely the bait marketers use to fill their nets.

While companies strive to build those links and get those visitors the real value is what’s on the other side of the bridge that truly matters, significance. Now this could be content, the product or service, the company’s mission and vision or even the reputation. For example: Patagonia, I love their company vision, ethics and transparency. But, would I pay for the product? No. Do I like product design? Not really.

While the means of bringing the traffic in is important, it’s not what gets people talking about the company. It’s the relation that’s created between you and them, through the engaging factor. As a writer, nothing would make me happier than my boss telling me it’s my writing that is building our reputation; wishful thinking, right?
In the end, it’s about knowing what your customers want and how they want it.

Author: Anthony Baisi


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